Just. One. More. Step.

When you climb Mount Everest, they say you burn 10,000 calories a day until you reach the summit; at the summit you will burn 20,000 calories a day. It typically takes two months to climb the mountain; however, the last mile will typically take around 12 hours. An entire day of climbing! It is a tough journey, one that needs a team to support you. You also need to pack correctly, carefully researching the supplies you need to bring. What does this have to do with addiction?

Climbing Mount Everest seems like an insurmountable task. Some days staying sober may seem 459420d1308838388-mountain-climbing-casio-pag-240-timex-ws-4-dscn0432impossible, too. But, amputees and a blind person have succeeded in climbing Mount Everest. You can succeed in recovery. Like the climbers, you will need a team and the right tools to support you in your journey. It will be a long and sometimes difficult journey.


An adult child of an addict, who also struggles with addiction, shared “When you have problems you go deeper into the addiction to escape the problems. The addiction increases those problems that the addiction causes that you are trying to escape. The problems become worse so you go deeper into the addiction to escape the problem. It’s a downward spiral. A hard battle.” So how do you motivate yourself to keep going on the road to recovery?


The problems and challenges of life don’t leave. We have to learn to cope with them in different ways. Staying in recovery will allow you to see your problems with a new perspective and be able to manage them.