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Boredom, Stress, Disappointment… How Can I Cope?

You’ve heard the phrase “It’s easier said than done.”, right? Well, the simple answer is: find a purpose in life which will bring you joy and count your blessings every day. Sounds simple, right? But, that’s so much easier said than done. How do you find your purpose when you’ve been lost in the daily […]

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He Said… She Said

You’ve heard it said that there are at least two versions of every story? Well, in an addict’s family, there may be more. But, there are at least two: his and his spouse. He says his drinking doesn’t really affect anyone. After all, he goes out with the guys and has a few then comes […]

Work: It Does a Body Good

They say “milk: it does a body good”; but, to an addict in recovery, work does a body good. Why? There are many reasons. Probably one of the most important ones is the daily sense of accomplishment. The addict feels like he is making progress. Because addiction affects the family emotionally, socially, psychologically, physically, and […]

Addiction News: Meth head bones

DID YOU KNOW… Toxic Bones Of Meth Heads Meth Dead Don’t Get Eaten That’s what 17 year old Daniel Jeffrey Martin from Desert Vista High School heard from his mom one day while driving near a piece of the desert near his home town of Phoenix, Arizona. “Huh?” he asked. His mom, a forensic scientist […]

A World of Second Chances

Second chances in life are tough to come by. We all have one life to live, and while it is ours to do what we desire, we sometimes make mistakes or go down a path that can be destructive to ourselves and to the people we love. It can happen to anyone. For some, hitting […]

Men, You Are Making a Difference: One Woman’s Story

Two young people met and fell in love. Every weekend they went out drinking and had a good time. When the wife became pregnant she thought the weekend binges would stop. After all, he should be focused on providing for his new family, she thought. He continued excessively drinking….for years. The kids continued to grow […]

Orlando: The City Beautiful? Or The Addicted City?

Orlando is ranked 67th out of 100 for the “100 Most Dangerous Cities”. Almost ⅓ of our population in Orlando work in the industries most likely to be affected by addiction (food service, construction, maintenance and repair services, and sports). We have young men on college campuses making $500/day selling prescription drugs that were legally […]

The Many Victims of Addiction

The effects of addiction on families are overlooked. While on the road to recovery, the focus is generally on the addict, the person working to recuperate from their toxic habits. However, families of addicts experience their share of hardships during the process. Families are heavily damaged during the addiction, but they also play an integral […]