9 Essential Reasons to Work a Job During Recovery

During the process of recovery from addiction, many rehab facilities require their participants to engage in and maintain a job during their stay. Doing so has a number of benefits that will ultimately improve patients’ lives once they leave the program. Here are nine reasons to work during recovery.

Sense of Stability
Having a job provides a secure lifestyle. During a patient’s initial addiction, it is possible that he or she lost control of their life—socially, financially, etc. A job gives them the opportunity to regain that lost security. This allows them to familiarize themselves with a sense of stability for their future endeavors and regain what was once lost.

New Routine
Freshness is key. Living in a rehab facility might become tedious for some; many facilities require patients to stay on the premises unless otherwise designated. A job can help keep things new and exciting.

men-at-work-englishPurpose in Life
Having a job gives patients a newfound purpose in life. Addiction can dramatically impact a person’s motivations and drive. These jobs will instill a sense of cause and let the patient know that despite what he or she might believe, they are needed somewhere.

Working gives a person the feeling that they are being productive, that they are doing something worthwhile with their time. Patients can thus put their free time to good use by maintaining a job.

Being Social
Jobs are a doorway to a healthy social life. Many jobs require interaction with others. This gives patients the opportunity to interact with people from beyond the rehab facility.

A Distraction
Jobs can provide a much-needed distraction from the pressures and stresses of rehab. The process of rehabilitation is not an easy one and can be taxing on the mind and body. Working gives patients the opportunity a chance to mentally and physically escape from it, but in a positive and productive environment.

Men_at_workMoney in Your Pocket
At its core, working is a means of making money. This is no different for those who work during rehab. In fact, doing so allows them to acquire money for their life once they exit the program. This way, they do not leave empty-handed.

Meet New People
In addition to meeting customers, jobs grant the opportunity to meet new people and make friends in fellow co-workers. This allows patients to befriend people outside their rehab program, friendships that can perhaps last beyond the end of their stay.

Learn New Skills
A job can teach you new abilities that you never even knew you had. Working will give patients the chance to learn something new, which can then be applied once they leave the program.